Wood Maxx Resaw Blades from Echols Saw & Supply

Mar 03, 2015

Wood Maxx resaw blades have been specially engineered to deliver precise cuts and minimize waste. Over 100 years of expertise have gone into creating a sharp and durable band saw blade that is perfect for sawmill applications and often used in machine shops, steel fabrication plants and aerospace facilities. When you purchase our high quality resaw blades, there are no limits to the projects you can complete with unmatched accuracy. 

You can choose from various blade width and thicknesses to find the perfect resaw blade to fit both your band saw and your project. Whether you are operating a vertical or horizontal resaw, Wood Maxx blades will provide a clean and consistent cut with every pass. Blade designs can accommodate the production of thin veneers or help you resaw lager pallets and pieces of lumber for milling purposes. 

Wood Maxx resaw blades are constructed using the best possible material and put through a thorough heat treatment and testing process to ensure maximum hardness. Echols Saw & Supply only work with the top steel manufacturers who provide unbeatable material for superior products. Next, each blade tooth is ground to perfection using the latest, most innovative technology and machinery available. This means that you will enjoy the absolute best in blade sharpness that will remain accurate over time. 

You can rest assured that your resaw blade is the best on the on the market. An ongoing inspection throughout the manufacturing process means that your resaw blade will exceed national industry standards. Not only will this strong and durable design prolong the life of your blade, but it will also protect the safety of you and your employees and prevent accidents.

Echols Saw are so concerned with the quality of our products that they even go the extra mile in packaging and delivering each resaw blade. When you purchase a blade, it will arrive safely and securely, guaranteed to be just as sharp as when it left the warehouse. 

Enjoy maximum performance and value when you purchase Wood Maxx resaw blades for all your woodcutting and sawing projects. Equip your sawmill or other place of business with the absolute best products on the market and feel confident that your employees can continue to produce accurate cuts and precise work. Also, be sure to look into the Echols Saw & Supply product guarantee and learn even more about how to protect your resaw blade investment. For more information call us at 602-278-3918.