What to Consider When Choosing a Saw Blade

Apr 15, 2015

Choosing a saw blade can be a tricky business. Within those multiple brands, you have many different blade configurations, tooth counts and angles.

Sometimes there are too many options, leading to confusion. Higher tooth counts are 50-80 and equate smoother cuts. You have less tearout when there are more teeth doing the cutting, but there is more heat build-up, as well as strain on the motor.

Lower tooth counts are 24-30, which equate rougher cuts. There is a lot more room between the teeth where dust can be ejected effectively. The heat build-up is decreased because of this. There is less strain on the motor as well, making it easier to plow through thick boards.

There are two cuts that you can make with a saw blade: rip cuts and crosscuts. Rip cuts are made with the grain of the wood and are typically long in nature. A low tooth count blade would be great for this situation. The aggressive cut will not cause tearout because it is cutting with the grain. The high efficiency and decreased friction makes it physically easier to push the wood through the saw.

You may wonder if the same blade will do as well on a crosscut. The blade will be able to make cut, but the major problem has to do with tearout. Clean cuts have to be made off the saw in order to make fine furniture. This is very important when you are choosing a saw blade. A tearout on crosscuts is not a good thing.

Higher tooth count blades are better for this situation. There is a smoother cut when the blade has an increased number of teeth. Crosscuts are short in duration. There isn't enough time for any heat or friction.

You can run into problems if you use a crosscut blade for rips or a ripping blade for crosscuts, such as burning and tearout. Another thing to keep in mind is the plywood, which has a tendency to tearout often, especially during cross cuts. A high tooth count blade is necessary if you want a clean, crisp edge when cutting plywood.

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