What You Need To Know About Pallet Saws

Apr 12, 2018

The easiest way to take a pallet apart with simple tools is by pounding nails out with a hammer.  Pallet saws, such as the reciprocating saw allow you to quickly and easily get the job done. Here are basics about pallet saws to know before operating one.

Why a Recip Saw Works for Pallets

The reason why corded or cordless reciprocating saws are commonly used for demolition is because they are easy to use and easily cut through tough angles and tight spaces. The 6-12 inch blade extends from the device, allowing you to slice through wood and nails with ease. Cutting up pallets with a reciprocating saw can be excellent practice to prepare you for major home remodeling. 

The reciprocating saw gets its name from the back and forth/in and out motion of the blade. Various blades for this saw are designed for different tasks, ranging from cutting through wooden pallets to cutting through metal piping.   The blades for pallet saws need to be sharp enough to effortlessly cut through nails. If they become dull they must immediately be replaced. 

While a skill saw is useful for refined cuts, the reciprocating saw works well as a demolition instrument.  Reciprocating saws are pallet saws that are fast and efficient for cuts that don't require precision. Wall decor usually calls for just cutting on one side of the wood. Some reciprocating saws have the option of setting the blade in an "orbital" or circular motion. This feature cuts material faster with less effort, while clearing out debris. 

Safety Tips for Pallet Saws

  • wear safety goggles when cutting
  • use shorter blades for straighter cuts
  • make sure the saw is unplugged when changing blades
  • be careful of kickback, especially on a ladder
  • be aware and prepared, as saws generate heat
  • clean up debris afterward to prevent accidents

Pallet Cutting Techniques

There are different ways to cut a pallet, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are just trying to destroy a pallet and not use it again, then you don't have to worry about the careful techniques for preserving wood for recycling. In most cases the simplest way to dismantle a pallet is by cutting through the nails, which can be in a downward or sideways motion. 

The most important focus while using a reciprocating saw is to keep the device steady while you are cutting. You should be comfortable holding the lightweight reciprocating saw and keep your eyes on the blade at all times while cutting. Depending on the weight of the pallet, you may want to hold the corner down with your foot. 

Pallet saws are easy tools to use but you must also take safety precautions, such as wearing proper gear. Call us at 602-278-3918 to learn more about how we can provide you with the tools or service you need for cutting projects.