Achieving Better Cuts with Lenox Bandsaw Fluids

Sep 13, 2018

Because your bandsaw uses a continuous blade that can heat up throughout the course of projects, applying bandsaw cutting fluid can help enhance your performance. Fluid prevents overheating that can damage your cutting stock as well as your blade. Many fabrication shop workers trust Lenox bandsaw fluids to help them achieve accurate, professional cuts time after time.


Advantages of Lenox Bandsaw Fluids

Lenox is a manufacturer of industrial hand tools, saw blades, and associated products. The Massachusetts-based company has been in business since 1915 and was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in 2017. One of the oldest hand tool makers, Lenox is a leader in saw product research and development. They have built a loyal customer base of manufacturers, woodcutters and handymen, including fabrication workers who depend on their Lenox bandsaw fluids to prevent overheating that can wreak havoc on cutting projects.


Types of Bandsaw Fluids

  • Chlorine-free water soluble oil for heavy duty machines
  • Synthetic sawing fluid
  • Semi-synthetic sawing fluid
  • Precision lubcricant applicator
  • Synthetic lubricant spray
  • Manual lubricant stick
  • Anti-spatter fluid


How to Choose the Right Fluid

Not all bandsaw cuts require cooling fluid, but projects that involve cutting metals require them to avoid blade and stock overheating. There are multiple Lenox bandsaw fluids to choose from, including soluble oil, synthetic fluids, straight oil, and semi-synthetic cutting fluids. 

Soluble oil cutting fluids have a 3 to 10 percent concentration, as the rest of the solution is diluted with water. These are affordable and useful for metal applications, since they have effective heat transfer properties. Synthetic fluids are made from compounds and lack oil-based ingredients. They cost more than other fluids but have the most effective cooling properties. 

Straight oils are not water soluble and are not diluted, but may contain additives such as sulphur and chlorine. Many of these come from fat and vegetable oils. While straight oils provide excellent lubrication, they are not optimal for cooling your bandsaw. Semi-synthetic fluids are a hybrid of synthetic and soluble cutting fluids that cost less than synthetic fluids. 

Once you determine on the type of cutting fluid that's appropriate for your project and your budget, you simply add it to the container on your bandsaw that's connected to the pump, and it automatically applies the oil to the blade directly. 


Lenox bandsaw fluids can help you prevent overheating and damage to your project and equipment. For more information about Lenox bandsaw fluids, contact Echols Saw and Supply at 602-278-3918.