Why You Need Bandsaw Machine Coolant

Oct 16, 2018

Like many machines with moving parts, bandsaws heat up from friction and need fluid to keep the blade and material cool. The key benefits to using bandsaw machine coolant are safety, speeding up cutting, and making blades more durable. Here's a deeper look at the necessity of coolant for bandsaw cutting. 

Protecting Your Blades

Blades can get damaged if they are overheated or subject to too much speed, stress, or tension. These issues can lead to a duller blade and can even break teeth or crack gullets. Bandsaw machine coolant not only cools and lubricates the blade, but it also removes debris and protects blade teeth. Here are essential tips to provide further blade protection before applying coolant:

  • Set the bandsaw to the correct blade speed
  • Slow blade speeds are better for hard materials
  • Fast blade speeds are effective for soft materials
  • Check the manual for proper feed rate
  • Make sure blade tension isn't too tight or loose

After applying coolant and letting it recirculate, check the fluid for evaporation, as you may need to add more water. Keep in mind that leaks or flying chips can hinder coolant flow.

Types of Coolant for Specific Projects

The material you are cutting will be a major factor in the type of coolant to choose. Some bandsaws include a coolant tank or misting system, which reduces heat but requires a slower band speed. Water-based coolant works for a wide variety of cuts and allows for higher band speed. Another reason why this coolant is a common choice is that it's more economical than an oil-based or synthetic coolant.

For aluminum and steel, it's best to use water-based coolant. Large crosscuts tend to increase the heat of the blade, which is why a synthetic coolant generates greater performance than an oil-based solution. A semi-synthetic solution helps reduce machine wear and tear and prevents blade rust or corrosion. Soluble oil, which is commonly used for general purposes, is a mix of oil, emulsifiers, and additives to improve performance. 

Mixing and Diluting Oil with Water

Synthetics sometimes produce foam from excessive lubricant, but this can be controlled by adding water for the proper dilution ratio. If you don't use enough lubricant, it can create vapor bubbles in the liquid. This can be resolved by adding more lubricant. Insufficient lubricant may cause rust on your blade. Rust may also indicate you're using an inappropriate type of coolant. 

Bandsaw machine coolant extends blade life and keeps a blade from overheating. Make sure you take into account the various factors that affect machine performance by reviewing your bandsaw manufacturer's manual. For more information about bandsaw machine coolant, contact Echols Saw and Supply at 602-278-3918.

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