Wikus Saw Blades

Jun 01, 2019

Wikus saw blade technology has over a half a century's professional service under its belt. That means they must be doing something right. Maybe it's the customer service angle. Wikus' goal has always been to exceed the needs of their clientele, both in the performance application of their offerings, and in support. It takes quality and a high degree of manufacturing to engineer a bandsaw saw blade which consistently performs.

Customer Service

Every now and again certain usage may facilitate statistically minor, but known, exigencies in operation. Wikus' bandsaw blade technology comes with good customer support for this reason. Anyone who has worked in a wood shop knows that certain things can make machines react certain ways. Wikus understands the life cycle of the best-manufactured saw blades, and seeks to anticipate those needs. We offer a maintenance service through Wikus that is 100% free for customers using their bandsaw blades we have cut to length. 

Quality Blades, High Performance

Accurate, consistent specifications are what is behind Wikus' slogan: "precision at the cutting point". The goal of the engineers at Wikus is to provide the best cutting solutions for a totality of purpose. There are many different kinds of bandsaw technology applications available from Wikus and there is no cutting need that cannot be handled. Whether your cutting needs are general--like the cutting of mild steels--or more specific and difficult, like the cutting of high alloys, Wikus' mission is the assurance of outstanding quality in any blade and application.

Wikus is a leader in the development of bandsaw blades that function with exceptionally high performance. Not only is there high performance in their operation, but as it turns out, they are often used in a regular capacity that requires a high level of regular performance to meet industrial needs, etcetera. Wikus manufactures with this in mind. Don't spend production time fighting a faulty mechanism. Wikus blades are a tangible insurance against time wasted due to faulty blades.

Blade Development

Wikus is regularly developing new, improved technologies through research and solid engineering in order to meet the needs of their diverse customer set.

But, let the blades speak for themselves! Wikus is a trusted solution, venerated in the industry almost unanimously. If their longevity of service is not recommendation enough, their solid engineering certainly is. For the individual looking to maintain a dependable band saw blade solution, Wikus is the answer.

To learn more about Wikus call Echols Saw & Supply at 602-278-3918.