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Jul 01, 2019

When you’re choosing the proper wood band saw blade for the job, it’s important to assess the job’s requirements to make the best blade choice. Optimally, choose an affordable blade that fits the job that has the least downtime.


Wood Band Saw Blade Types

The most common saw blade used for cutting wood is carbon steel blades, mostly due to their affordable prices. These types of blades are high quality and do most basic sawing jobs well. If you're cutting high quantities of wood, bi-metal blades are recommended. The higher cost of  bi-metal blades is balanced by the less downtime experienced by having to change blades.


When you’re cutting hard, abrasive woods, like many exotic woods, your best option is the carbide-tipped band saw blades. Though these blades cost more, you may get less cuts with a carbon steel blade and will spend most of your time changing blades.


More Tips for Choosing Wood Band Saw Blades

  • Check the band widths your saw will accept, many have multiple band width options.

  • Wider band saw blades will help with straighter cuts.

  • A smaller width blade will have a small minimum circle diameter for contour cutting.


Wood Band Saw Blades TPI

Choosing the best TPI (tooth per inch) for wood cutting band saw blades is important as it affects your feed rate and the type of finish on the cut. Typically, the fewer teeth per inch provide a faster and rougher cut. A higher TPI gives a smoother, albeit a slower cut. Try a lower TPI for wood that's hard to cut.


Wood Band Saw Blades Thickness

 Saw wheel diameters are used to choose the thickness of a blade. The thicker the blade, the more strain it can bear, but it can also break more easily when bending. Breakage occurs when the blade is too thick for a smaller wheel. If you're cutting work is light, using a thinner blade will give you the control needed with less breakage. A general rule is the smaller the wheel diameter, the thinner the blade should be.


More Wood Blade Tips

  • Check your tooth set regularly to make sure it's still there, it will decrease to zero as you cut. Carbon steel band saw blades can have the tooth set reset.

  • Check your blade tension with careful measuring. Wood cutting band saw blades (carbon steel blades) can be tensioned from 15,000 psi to 20,000 psi.

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