Why You Need Bandsaw Machine Coolant

Bandsaw machine coolant keeps your bandsaw functioning smoothly and prevents overheating. It can also speed up cutting and make your saw last longer.
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Achieving Better Cuts with Lenox Bandsaw Fluids

Fluid prevents overheating that can damage your cutting stock as well as your blade. Many fabrication shop workers trust Lenox bandsaw fluids to help them achieve accurate, professional cuts time after time.
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Choosing the Proper Bandsaw Blade

The key to excellent performance is choosing the right bandsaw blade, which is categorized by teeth per inch (TPI), thickness, length, and width. Here's a deeper look at what you should focus on when selecting the right bandsaw blade for your needs.
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Why a Horizontal Saw is Common in Fabricating

Different saws and blades are designed for different types of cuts, depending on materials, shapes and sizes. A horizontal saw is often used to cut long stock, such as tubing material. 
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Why Life is Easier Using a Portable Saw

Cutting materials in a shop or in a remote location can be accomplished with a portable saw, which is typically easy to lift and use. Here are ways that the saw's portability can make remote jobs quick and easy without much setup. 
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