Why a Horizontal Saw is Common in Fabricating

Different saws and blades are designed for different types of cuts, depending on materials, shapes and sizes. A horizontal saw is often used to cut long stock, such as tubing material. 
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Why Life is Easier Using a Portable Saw

Cutting materials in a shop or in a remote location can be accomplished with a portable saw, which is typically easy to lift and use. Here are ways that the saw's portability can make remote jobs quick and easy without much setup. 
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When to Use a Small Band Saw

Band saws are typically large machines that can perform a wide variety of cuts. But there are also small band saws to choose from for certain projects. Most conventional projects will involve using a stationary band saw, while a portable band saw is an excellent choice for cutting materials in remot…
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Understanding Metal Saw Skills and Safety

Using a metal saw is a different experience than cutting softer materials such as wood or plastic. There are many reasons to cut through metal, such as cutting sheet metal into shapes, removing old rusted bolts and separating wire. It's extremely efficient and useful for demolition purposes. Here ar…
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How to Approach Stainless Steel Cutting

The skills required for stainless steel cutting are similar to those for other types of steel with subtle differences in technique. The key for effective cutting is to use the proper tools in a clean, organized work area that is devoted to cutting metals. Here are points to remember that will help p…
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