Lumber Mills Choose WoodMaxx Blades for All Their Wood Cutting Needs

Whether you enjoy resawing hardwood as a hobby or depend upon a sawmill for your livelihood, a few years of experience will make you discerning enough to select Kasco SharpTech’s WoodMaxx saw blades as your go-to blade.
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Lenox Blades for Maxiumum Perofrmance Cutting Aerospace Alloys

Lenox saw blades are made to give its users a faster cutting experience. They also have longer blade lives and higher quality part finishes than any other bandsaw blades currently on the market.
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Preventative Maintenance is Best for Your Blades

For employees, customers and equipment, downtime is a waste of resources, time and money. Avoiding saw downtime is a question of regular maintenance, which benefits not only the saw but the saw blade, as well. For saw blades, Phoenix customers have routinely turned to Echols Saw & Supply.
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Lenox Saw Blades and More From Echols Saw & Supply

Echols Saw & Supply offers: Lenox Saw Blades, Power Tool Accessory, Hand Tools and more!
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Finding the Correct Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blades

Metal cutting bandsaw blades are important tools at steel fabrication plants, lumber mills, machine shops, aerospace facilities and small craft workshops. The blades of bandsaws are subjected to extreme pressures as they are pushed through hard metals at high speeds and forced to rapidly transition …
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